Can Workplaces Foster Healthy Marriages?

May.02.2017 Spiritual Growth

Your employees spend more time at work than any other setting in their life. You have tremendous opportunity to influence the well-being of their marriages and family life. Do you want part of the legacy of employment with your business to be thriving marriages and family relationships? Consider the opportunities that exist to make a powerful,
generational impact on each of your employees in the area of marriage and family.

As an employer, what you can do.

We can’t force marriage enrichment or take responsibility for the decisions of other people. However, as a leader you have the capability – the calling – to foster a culture of healthy marriages. You can do this by how you model healthy marriage pursuits. You can make it “okay to not be okay” and offer help. In addition, intentionally pursue and demonstrate a Christ-centered marriage yourself. You get to set the policies, practices and culture of the company that promote healthy marriages. You can also deploy a variety of intentional ministry resources to promote marriage enrichment and offer marriage recovery to your staff. However, more than any program, your testimony and conduct as a leader will set the tone for marriage issues in the culture of the business and determine what is shared, hidden, celebrated and embraced.